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Gift Set: May The Force Be With You

$ 25.00

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Chemical free protection from germs, flus and colds and boosts your immune system-Naturally!

Packaged in a reuseable Drawstring Organza Bag:
• Germ Away Spray 4 fl. oz.
 Germ Away Oil Blend 5 ml
 Hand Sanitizer 4 oz.
 Cloth Wipes/Napkins 3 -pack

    Germ Away is our version of Four Thieves Blend, Organic Essential Oils of CinnamonClove BudEucalyptusLemon & Rosemary: 
    Immune System Builder & Stimulator

    Germ Away Oil Blend* 
    Uses: Many, Many uses for this highly concentrated product, all that is needed a drop or too, a little goes a long way.
     Massage a drop on chest or bottom of feet 1 time day
     Add a few drops to boiling water and let simmer to help sanitize the air
     Adding a few drops to the medicine cup of the humidifier also help sanitize the air
     A few drops in your hand soap dispensers will give you added protect and moisture when washing
     Use to cleanse cuts and scrapes...great addition to first aid kits! 
    Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, with 100% Organic Essential Oils of CinnamonClove BudEucalyptusLemon & Rosemary

    Germ Away Natural Surface Spray*
    Many, Many uses for this spray, it's wonderful aroma brightens any room.
     Use on kitchen coutnertops 
     Sanitize door knobs and light switches
     Cleans surfaces in your office or school when flus and colds are going around
     Spray on hands to help kill germs and boost immune system
    Ingredients: Distilled Water, with 100% Organic Essential Oils of Cinnamon*, Clove Bud*Eucalyptus*, Lemon* & Rosemary*

    Hand Sanitizer
    Created with your health in mind, our new Hand Sanitizer helps to keep you healthy and your hands happy!
     Aloe Vera Gel base actually moisturizes your skin vs alcohol based sanitizers
     Witch Hazel is a natural skin astringent and helps to heal cuts
     Our Four Thieves Blend is power-packed with protection powers---boosting your immune system!
    Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel (Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Xanthan (thickener), Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid), Organic Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary, Witch Hazel (14% isopropyl alcohol by volume).

    Cloth Wipes/Napkins:
    Reusable, soft flannel -great for wiping light switches, door knobs etc. after spraying with Germ Away Spray. Please select Cloth Wipes/Napkins color preference in drop down menu above. 

    All Gift Sets: Products placed in a reusable Organza Drawstring Gift Bag with recyclable decorative paper fill and a tag that lists contents. Also included in shipment is FREE Gift Bag, colorful holiday Tissue Paper and matching Gift Tag!


    Products valued individually over $ wrapping included in our low price!


    Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Healthy!

    Does Not Contain:  parabens, perfumes, petroleums, chemical perfumes

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     * External use only. Do not use while pregnant. Avoid contact with eyes.
    Offer available while supplies last.


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