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Donate Magic Salve to a Hudson Valley Healthcare Worker

$ 5.00

All over the world, healthcare workers are being faced with unprecedented challenges.
Personal Protection Equipment shortages have left Healthcare workers to use inferior means to protect themselves. Yet they are still out there every single day, being the Heroes who care for our sick and injured loved ones.

One problems arising is rashes and broken skin from masks and elastics.

We are asking for your help to donate Magic Salve tins to as many
Healthcare Workers in the Hudson Valley, NY as we can.

Each $5 donation will generate one Magic Salve Tin donation.
(MSRP $9.95 for Magic Salve 1 oz. tin).

Thank you for your consideration and generosity, this idea was founded
by one of our customers, you truly are the best Peeps around.

With love,

Feel free to use your Bonus Rewards Points to pay for Magic Salve Donations
If you have any questions or need assistance, please text or call 845-475-5631

Want to know more about what makes Magic Salve so magical for the skin?
Click here for the full product page



You will not receive the item.
We have connected with a healthcare worker in the Hudson Valley, NY
who has generously agreed to distribute your donations on our behalf.

Due to difficulty attaining certain Magic Salve ingredients and packaging,
we reserve the right to: 1, limit the number of donations or 2, change the size of the product donated. Whatever changes made, will be posted to this page


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