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Ringworm Fungal

Ringworm Symptoms: A very itchy rash that can sometimes present itself in the shape of a ring. Not at all a worm, but a topical fungal infection of the skin. On the hands, ringworm can look like athletes foot, with a scaly and cracking rash.

Ringworm Causes: It can appear anywhere on the outer layers of skin & hair. It can be easily spread in public area-showers, pool, gyms etc and anyone can get it. Sometimes a fungal infection on the skin can be a sign of a fungal infection systemically, or inside the body (yeast).

Ringworm Conventional Treatments: Creams and lotions, both prescription and non, contains harsh chemical-so harsh that side effects are itching burring if the skin. Again, another treatment that sounds just as bad as the symptoms you are looking to cure. Treatment for fungal infections inside the body are just as harsh with the side effects being diarrhea and constipation.

Ringworm Natural Alternative Treatments: Three Sisters Herbal’s Wicked Magic Salve contains the power of natural anitfungals-Grapefruit Seed Extract and Tea Tree Oil, also other soothing and healing herbs, all without the nasty side effects. If a fungal infection is internal (yeast) Three Sisters Herbal’s Antifungal Tincture can work on the entire system, taken orally it treats yeast overgrowth from the mouth, thru the entire digestive tract. Remember that Ringworm  is highly communicable and a little prevention goes a long way to not reinfect-wash clothes and towels after every use, with white vinegar in the wash cycle. If you also have athletes foot or jock itch, treat that the same time. Wear cotton clothing because it breathes better and allows moisture to evaporate off your skin-fungus likes moisture. At home spray shower and tubs with white vinegar after every use to not pass infection to other family members, and to not reinfect yourself.  While treating any fungal infection, it is highly recommended to compliment the treatment with a good probiotic, to help the body balance out the healthy micro organisms.

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