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Heart of the Valley


We are so blessed to live in the Hudson Valley, NY.
Geographically, it is stunningly beautiful here. 
Gorgeous mountains, and a river valley filled with natural
wonders give residents and visitors tons of ways to play outside.

But what makes the Hudson Valley a place I call home is the people.
A strong and enduring sense of community in its residents gives
the Hudson Valley a richness in character that is hard to find. 

This is reflected in the wide and varied businesses that call the Valley home.
From tiny mom and pops, brick and mortars, home based to the large
enterprises, the businesses of the Hudson Valley give it is charm...and its Heart.


Vendors Wanted:
This unique online event is designed to showcase the best of handcrafted and grown in
the Hudson Valley products and services.

Founded on the concept of "It takes a village..." meaning, we all can experience
growth in our businesses by building each other up. 

We all may live and work in the Hudson Valley, but we all have slightly
different customer bases. Through the Heart of the Valley Online Artisan
Gift Fair, we will have an opportunity to introduce our businesses to a large number of new potential customers.

How is this done?
Simpy by each vendor sharing the event and inviting
their friends, families and customers. 
And letting social media do what it does best: Share Information

Let's help our businesses and the Hudson Valley flourish...with Heart!

To apply, click here



Heart of the Valley is a highlight of the unique talent we have here in the
Hudson Valley, Enjoy.

PS: Please remember to shop local and support these HV gems. 
We build each other up and the community as a whole by shopping local
every chance we get. 

Organic Hudson Valley Magazine:

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subscribe to this 100% local magazine that is dedicated to it.


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