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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet Skin Problems Symptoms & Causes: The skin on our hands & feet is subject to major use and abuse. Feet are either footloose and fancy free in sandals where they are exposed to dirt, debris, water and extra wear & tear. This exposure causes hardness, calluses and chaffing of the skin. The other alternative is our feet are stuffed in socks and shoes all day where sweat, detergents (left on socks) can irritate, inflame, dry out the skin or cause fungal infection of the skin (because of too much moisture). Hands touch everything-chemicals, water, germs, hand sanitizers, surfaces of rough textures. All of this exposure can cause cracks and splits in the skin that bleed. Cuticles along the nail bed can split or produce hangnails.

Hands & Feet Skin Problems Conventional Treatments: Moisturizers can contain soy or wheat (a top allergen in the USA, even when applied to the skin), chemicals,  parabens (a known cancer causing agent) or animals by products (example: steriac acid is taken from the fat of farm and domestic animals)

Hand & Feet Skin Problems Natural & Alternative Treatments: The first step towards naturally healthier skin is to drink 8-19 glasses of water a day. The next, for your hands and feet is proper exfoliation and then follow with ample moisterization. Three Sisters Herbals Dreamy Salt Scrub gently sloughs off old skin cells with the use of Epsom Salt (which also helps to ease sore muscles). Jojoba Oil infused with healing herbs as the base adds moisture and nutrients to the skin. Proper exfoliation should leave the skin smooth & soft, not raw & exposed. The final step is a layer or moisture. The skin receives the moisture best when all the dead skin cells have been removed. Three Sisters Herbals Magic Salve soaks into the skin leaving healthier, moisturized and calm skin.