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Fungal/Yeast Infections

Yeast Infection Symptoms:  Also known as Candidiasi, Candida or Thrush. Most common seen as topical infections on the skin or vaginal infection in women. Sometimes untreated yeast infections can lead to a systemic infection.

Yeast Infections Causes:  Yeast infections can be sexually transmitted, from a lowered immune system, changes in your body’s hormone level, taking antibiotics or if you have diabetes and have increased blood sugar levels.

Yeast Infection Conventional Treatments:  The list of side effects for convention prescription treatments for yeast is high, including, but not limited to high fever, blisters, rashes, jaundice, easily bruising, flu like symptoms.

Yeast Infections Natural Alternative Treatment: Three Sisters Herbals triple threat to Yeast infections-Three Sisters Herbals Wicked Magic Salve,  Herbal Bath and Antifungal Blend Tincture can team up  together to help fight yeast. Wicked Magic Salve is a safe and non-toxic treatment for topical fungal infections. Safe enough for use on outside of vaginal to help ease symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. Grapefruit Seed Extract and Tea Tree Oil are nature’s anti-fungal agents in this salve. Wicked Magic Salve also contains the healing power of herbs to soothe inflammation and calm skin. Herbal Bath can soothe inflamed skin, promote healing of rash and the infection and can also help prevent UTI’s (Urinary Tract infection) which commonly occurs when there is a yeast infection in the digestive tract. Antifungal Blend Tincture is packed full of powerful fungal fighting herbs, taken internally, this treatment completes a  well-rounded protocol by attacking the yeast from the inside of the body and out. Please note, when treating any yeast infection, quality probiotics are a necessary companion to anitfungals.

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