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Facial Skin Problem Symptoms: Tightness and redness of the facial skin. Peeling, cracking and occasionally bleeding occurs when facial skin is severely dry.

Facial Skin Causes: Not drinking enough water is a very common cause of skin dryness. Soaps, facial cleansers, exposure to food and other allergens can cause skin to become dry. Exposure to the elements, like too much sun, cold or wind can cause sensitive facial skin to become chapped, red and irritated.

Facial Skin Conventional Treatment: Moisturizers can contain soy or wheat (top allergens in the USA, even when applied to the skin), chemicals and parabens.

Facial Skin Natural Alternative Treatment: What does dry skin really need? Moisture, calming & healing. Three Sisters HerbalsMagic Salve has one of the world’s best and oldest moisturizers-all natural Olive Oil. Seven different herbs appear in Magic Salveincluding Chamomile & Calendula to help calm the tender facial skin and help ease redness and irritation. No chemicals, no unnatural preservatives or carcinogens allowed!!