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First Aid (Burns, minor cuts, bug bites)

First Aid Symptoms: Minor cuts, scrapes, bug bites and rashes.

First Aid Conventional Treatments: Ointments and other drugstore preparations often contain chemicals and are in a petroleum jelly base (a by-product of the oil refinery industry). Remember, the skin is your bodies biggest organ & basically a sponge, does it seem wise to apply a by-product of the oil refinery industry to an open wound on a sponge?

First Aid Natural Alternative: Three Sisters Herbals Magic Salve can be carried in your backpack, purse, diaper bag or with camping gear. Magic Salve can soothe the itch and irritation of bug bites. It can be applied to minor cuts, scrapes and rashes (after they have been appropriately cleansed) to help promote healing, ease swelling and Lavender Essential Oil will help to fight off infection. Simply apply a small amount of Magic Salve to the cut or scrape and cover with a bandage. Rashes can be covered in Magic Salve. Can be applied as needed.