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Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash Symptoms: Diaper rash can appear in many different ways-redness, bumps, dry patches, sores that bleed etc (yeast diaper rash).
Diaper Rash Causes: Baby's new skin is very sensitive, especially in the diaper area because it is wet a lot of the time. There are many causes to a diaper rash-too long of a time in between diaper changes, sensitivity to chemicals in disposable diapers, a yeast infection on the skin or the digestive tract, food allergies (can make the waste toxic to babies skin), just to name a few.
Diaper Rash Conventional Treatment: such as ointments and creams-treat the rash using harsh chemicals, that can often cause more damage to baby’s sensitive skin. These harsh chemical-such as petroleum based products-are absorbed into the skin....remember our skin is our biggest organ and whatever we put on it gets absorbed into our bodies.
Diaper Rash Natural Alternative: Three Sisters Herbals Magic Salve is made of gentle and all natural ingredients-a safe, non-toxic treatment for diaper rash. Nourishing and natural carriers and stabilizers like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Beeswax carry the medicinal properties of the herbs- soothing inflammation, irritation, calming the skin & promoting healing - to the baby’s skin.