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Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge


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Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge

What's the Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge?
We're Challenging you to think differently about your facial skin care!
You'll receive 5 daily emails filled with info and action prompts centered around 
our best selling, all-natural skin care product: Magic Salve.
The week before the Challenge starts you'll receive a free
1 oz. tin of Magic Salve to use with the action prompts.

What's the Goal of the Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge?
We want to show you just how awesome Magic Salve is!

You'll learn:
~ How a few all-natural and organic ingredients can be super versatile
~ How to compare Magic Salve ingredients to your current products
~ Why we choose the ingredients we did
~ How to use Magic Salve to it's fullest potential

When does the Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge take place?
Monday, February 25 - Friday March 1

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Bonus: FREE Skin Evaluation Survey!

Who can participate in the Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge?
Anyone who has not used Magic Salve before.*

Sign up quickly, slots are limited.

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No purchase necessary to participate in the Magic Salve 5-Day Challenge.

* Participants must live in the Continental United States.

Sponsored by:
Three Sisters Herbals, LLC

Want to learn more about Magic Salve?
Click Here

magic salve all natural skin care

Sign ups:

  • Sign up anytime!!!! We will keep the sign ups open as long as slots are available.
  • Starting on February 25, 2019 you'll begin receiving your daily emails.


Follow these Steps:

1. Click to join the Magic Salve skin Care 5-Day Challenge


Starting on February 25th you'll begin to receive your daily emails.


2: Watch.

Your your mailbox!
On Saturday February 16th,we will be mailing out your Magic Salve packet!

Your email inbox!
On Monday, February 25th you will receive your first Magic Salve Skin Care 5-Day Challenge email.
(please add "" to your address book to avoid your challenge emails getting put in your SPAM folder)

3: Join.

the Magic Salve Super Fan Club Facebook Group !
There will be fun posts, conversation and more!


Sponsored by:
Three Sisters Herbals, LLC

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