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What's in the name?

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on September 21 2017


I get asked all the time “Oh, do you have three sisters?”
The answer is always the same, “No, the business is named after my mom and her two sisters”
And the reply is always the same “Awwwe”

But that’s not the whole story.

The other side of the name is a nod to the relationships we have with women in our lives. I was reminded of that when my phone rang at 7AM yesterday morning and “Olivia” appeared on the caller ID.
Now, if we set the scene properly, you must know that I don’t talk in the morning…. mostly grumble. But when I saw Olivia was calling I happily answered.

Olivia is a long-time customer, she started being a Magic Salve fan, she’s the founding member of the Magic Salve Super Fan Club. She called one day to place an order and we talked for an hour like we were old friends. We don’t speak often, but there is a mutual respect and an exchange of genuine caring.

She always has the best new product suggestions. She’s always thinking of ways to help me build the business. She always tells me she believes in what I’m doing.

Yesterday we cried together as we were saying goodbye. The kind of good-cry when you’ve joyfully exchanging energy with someone who gets you, and you know the feeling is mutual.

This phone call reminded me of the name: Three Sisters Herbals
Yes, named after my mom and her two sisters…but why? Because they never fought or bickered with each other. The gave freely to each other…. love, time, money, food and material possessions had no boundaries between the three. They taught me how to be a who I am. Isn’t that how we should all be with each other? Not just our biological sisters, but all our fellow females around the world.

When people ask me “Do you have two sisters?”
I’m going to respond “No, I have a billion sisters all over the Earth”
because I believe in the Three Sisters and the Olivia’s out there.


Peace, sisters.


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About: Kim is a momma, wife and small business owner. 
She lives with her family in Duchess County, NY, where she enjoys her rescue dog, bunnies and chickens. 
Her family loves camping, hiking, geocaching, and all things Cub and Boy Scouting. 
She is the owner/creator of Three Sisters Herbals, LLC., which she affectionately calls “her other baby”. 
TSH is the same age as her youngest human baby, and they are all growing up together.


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