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  • KISS those chemicals Buh-Bye!

    Kimberlee Mule

    Posted on May 10 2019

    KISS those chemicals Buh-Bye!
    Let’s take a look today at what makes Magic Salve so magical.

    I’ve carefully chosen these ingredients, and they have proven time and time again to be worthy of the name “Magic Salve”
  • How It's Made: Lip Balm

    Kimberlee Mule

    Posted on March 24 2017

    How It's Made: Lip Balm
    How it’s Made: Lip Balm   One the best parts of being a small batch handcrafter is bein...
  • Snow Day Skin Forecast:

    Kimberlee Mule

    Posted on March 15 2017

    Snow Day Skin Forecast:
    Snow Day Skin Forecast: Here in NYS we've gotten about two feet of snow. My sweet hubby...

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