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Captain’s Log: When a Wrong Number Goes Right

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on March 31 2017

These are the voyages of the Starship Entrepreneur.

Stardate: 3.29.2017

Captain’s Log: When a Wrong Number Goes Right

To know me well, is to know that I transpose numbers all the time.
I try to check and double check, but mistakes still happen.
Usually I think I have more money in the bank then the bank claims (they’re generally right).
Or I get dates mixed up and show up someplace and wonder “Where is everyone?”
True story.
I laugh it off, and chalk it up to being part of my charm.

As a business owner, there is a higher level of diligence that takes place.
Sometimes involving triple checking my math, frustration and a small amount of choice curse words.
This numerical brain glitch does make it difficult to captain the Spaceship Entrepreneur.
And in the end, I make it work and thank The Universe for the ability to run my business despite my charms.

Never in my life did I think this would happen.

I was given the phone number of a potential customer.
I programmed it into my iphone
(and I specifically remember NOT double or triple checking I typed it in correctly, 
cue things about to go wrong)

momsteaders blog three sisters herbals entrepreneur




Embarrassed face emoji



blog momsteaders three sisters herbals small business entreprenuer

Now, I’m thinking “This is a joke, right? What do I do?”

So, I do what every good ol’ American Entrepreneur does.

I pitch my goods.

blog momsteaders three sisters herbals small business entreprenuer



And he responds

 blog momsteaders three sisters herbals small business entreprenuer


What??? Is this for real?
I’m not generally one to believe in coincidences.
In my Universe, everything happens for a reason.
And in my Universe, there is a deep belief in the goodness inside people.
I was beginning to think this is going to be a positive entry into the Captain’s Log.

I’m touched that he took the time to turn a wrong number
(something most people would consider an annoyance)
and turn it into a positive interaction.

And he placed an order on TSH’s website the next morning!

Yes, that’s right! He placed an order.

And Uhura (AKA Shopify) alerted me to an incoming communication from him:
“OK, I guess I’ll try this stuff” 😊

He will be getting a free gift.
And I have totally faith that someday, he will be delivered some Good Karma for the kindness he has shown me.

Thanks, mystery customer, for making something good come out of my inability to use our number system correctly.

I sincerely hope you like the TSH products you ordered.
Living in fear of the angry face emoji coming my way can be stressful.


Captain Kim: Out.

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About: Kim is a momma, wife and small business owner.
She lives with her family in Duchess County, NY, where she enjoys her rescue dog, bunny and chickens.
Her family loves camping, hiking, geocaching, and all things Cub and Boy Scouting. She is the owner/creator of Three Sisters Herbals, LLC.,
which she affectionately calls “her other baby”.
TSH is the same age as her youngest human baby, and they are all growing up together.



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